Purchase Fees

Closing Fee$200.00
Deed/Doc Preparation$100.00 per document
Title Search w/ Prior$250.00 (Check PA for who pays this fee)
Title Search w/o Prior$300.00 (Check PA for who pays this fee)
Buyers Processing Fee$200.00 (Processing title, 1 courier & wire in & out)
Seller Document Prep$125.00 (Vendor affidavit & sales disclosure prep)

Refinance Fees

Closing Fee$200.00
Buyers Processing Fee$100.00 (Processing title, 1 courier & wire in)
Title Search w/ Prior$225.00
Title Search w/o Prior$275.00

Cash Sales Fees

Closing Fee$200.00
Deed Preparation$100.00
Vendor & Sales Disclosure Prep$125.00 Seller paid
Title Search$250.00
Buyer Processing Fee$100.00 (Processing title, 1 courier & wire)

Additional Fees as Needed

Title Update Fee$50.00 per update
Wire Fee$30.00 per extra wire
Courier Fee$20.00 per extra overnight
E-Recording Fee$5.00 per document **
Recording Fee$25 per deed $55.00 per mtg *
Transfer Fee$10 per transfer (+ $10 per parcel)
Additional Doc Prep$75.00 to $150.00 depending on the document
Witness Closing Fee$125.00
Current Owner Search$65.00 + copies
TIEFF Fee$5.00 per policy and charged to person paying for the policy.

* Email or call for quote on other recording fees.
** We require E-Recording in the counties that participate.

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